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Live Recording of The Women's Inquiry - What Does it Mean to Enhance Self-Confidence?

Live Recording of The Women's Inquiry -
What Does it Mean to Enhance Self-Confidence?
This is a live recording of The Women's Inquiry exploring Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem. This meeting was lead by Martin Brossman who started the group. Why is a man leading it? Because he created the core concept of The Men's & Women's Inquiry. Most of the meeting over the 5 years that The Women's Inquiry had been occurring are lead my women with Martin as a guest facilitator. This is not only useful for Men and Women to hear Women authentically exploring Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence but a model for creating a Women's Inquiry.

The CD can be found at:

And the MP3 download version at:

"I really enjoyed the CD of the Women's Inquiry. It was very easy to identify with much of what the women shared, and it really did my heart good to listen to all of them and realize I'm not alone. Thanks."

Monday, September 24, 2007

Comments from women about The Women's Inquiry

Comments from women about The Women's Inquiry:

"The Women’s Inquiry provides a safe space in which to explore ideas and feelings on subjects that most matter in life. Having the opportunity to meet women for the express purpose of exploring questions that pertain to our perceptions, experiences and ideals has been a valuable way to spend an evening. It also helps to expand understanding and appreciation for other women’s life choices. "
Rosemary M.

“If you are looking to connect with other women on issues that affect us all, this is the place to be… the group is very welcoming, and I found it very very informative.”

“I have been attending the Women's Inquiry since its inception. Always a safe place to communicate, always a wonderful workout for my spirit. Martin and the other facilitators have created a space that nurtures me and both protects and challenges who I am.”
Evelyn Seabold

"The women's Inquiry has been like a sprinkling of fertilizer in the garden of my mind. It's only human nature to desire personal growth and to seek new knowledge and understanding. However, in our busy society, very few of us have the luxury of time to think, let alone enough time to read all the books we desire. The sharing of different concepts and viewpoints at Women's Inquiry sparks rapid growth and encourages my explorations into those deeper depths of thinking. It has also helped me to integrate/translate the things I know, into the things I do! You've got questions, we've got tea and ideas!"
Julie Fritz

The Women's Inquiry is a time for meaningful conversation with other women. It is a discussion that is of substance, and a chance to go into the most important aspects of our lives. It is a chance to connect with other women in a busy world where it seems that life becomes more superficial as it gets faster. The meeting may only be a few hours out of each month, but it gives value beyond the time we spend together.
Catherine M.

The Women's Inquiry

Monday, August 13, 2007

The book Finding Our Fire: Enhancing Men's Connection to Heart, Passion and Strength is available to purchase on-line!!

The book Finding Our Fire: Enhancing Men's Connection to Heart, Passion and Strength is available to purchase on-line!! The book is a fund raiser to support "The Women's Inquiry - and The Men's Inquiry - ".

To read more about the book and purchase your copy got to:

Thanks for all the support!! Your comments are welcome!

Martin Brossman

Monday, May 28, 2007

New discussion group for Single Mother's Raising Son's

Update on The Women's Inquiry and related stuff

A new Yahoo group has been created for Single Mother's Raising Sons:

Single Moms Raising Sons was created in response to all the Single Mother raising Son's that contacted our web site. I have lead the Men's Inquiry for over 10 years and have gained 100's of calls from Single Mother's looking for support. I see a need for this and created both the blog and this group to do this.I do this out of my commitment to relationships and society, for when Son's don't get enough support they tend to act 'out' more, not only causing problems in their own lives but society. This is a complement to the blog on the same topic. It's goal is providing support for single mothers raising sons and the to support women in writing a book on this topic. My vision is that I will support some (or several) women in writing a book about collecting the wisdom of mothers in addressing this issue. I am looking for several co-moderators as well. Your help is appreciated!

Join us,

Martin Brossman -

Founder of The Men's & Women's Inquiry

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rosemary Martin will be working to create the 1st Singles Inquiry!

Rosemary Martin will be working to create the 1st Singles Inquiry in L.A., CA! More to come soon!

Martin presents at Women on The Move 5-24-2007

Women on The Move Breakfast Thursday, May 24th, 2007 8:00-9:00 AM Featuring Martin Brossman - Talk called: What's New about Men That Women Want to know. Free for Cardinal Club members, $10.00 ++ for guest, reservations are required call 834-8829 and ask to make a reservation for the Women on The Move Breakfast this Thursday. Also, Would you like a chance to get beyond business card exchanges and build solid relationships with women who face the same challenges as you? Bring Information with you about your line of work and share it through our Resource table. Reservations, Please. Our gatherings are premier networking events!
For directions go to the Cardinal Club web site:

The Women's Inquiry web site:

The Men's Inquiry web site:

The first Live Recording of The Women's Inquiry

The first Live Recording of The Women's Inquiry occured May 15th 2007 and the CD will be out soon. To get a copy e-mail Martin Brossman @

Friday, February 02, 2007

I, Martin Brossman, will be leading the Women's Inquiry for now

I, Martin Brossman, will be leading the Women's Inquiry for now.

When Amy Sky ( ) stepped down from leading the Women's Inquiry and Janet Bauer ( ) was both out of the country training and schedule to train at local Universities during this time we asked the women to suggest someone to lead and they mentioned my name.

In a great talk with Amy I realized that I have created the concept of the 'casual inquiry' and understood it better than anyone. I also realized that when the Women's Inquiry was created I was not as effective in explaining what was unique about the inquiry then I am now. So to model the process and simply I am honored to do it I will lead it for now with Barbara, Janet and the rest of the teams support. I am clear how funny it may sound that a man is leading a Women's discussion group but I bring unique skills and experiences that make it work. The women that show up expect excellence which brings out my best and understand the work that is to be done in the meeting. This is not just a social event but something that changes all of our lives to different degrees.

The Inquiry is about creating a safe space that lets the members authentically contribute at the level they are comfortable with. The ground rules and the design of the questions are critical to clear a space where the members can hear and discover insights into their own lives that they may not have on their own. It also creates a real connection between the members that last in their daily lives long after the meeting. The process of completing with what insights were gained and what actions will be taken the members both clam the gold from the meeting for themselves and take it out into their lives.

If you have not come in a while or never come to the Women's Inquiry I hope you will take the time to try it out.

I am honored and appreciate the Men's & Women's Inquiry for it has added much to my and my beautiful wifes Barbara's life ( ) . I am not shy to say, if you have not tryed out a session with Barbara you have missed a gift!

Thanks You
Martin Brossman
The drawing in this blog is one of my drawings.

The home web site for The Women's Inquiry is:

From the Women's Inquiry Blog:

Sunday, December 31, 2006

What did you learn in 2006 what are you committed to creating in 2007?

What did you learn in 2006 what are you committed to creating in 2007?
What have you gained out of The Women's Inquiry or any value you received directly or indirectly?
What are you going to take on in 2007?
How could you let people support you in your 2007 goals?

Either post a reply to this note or email me with the subject line 'Add to Women's Inquiry Blog' . If you have a web site related to your goals post it! Also, I just want to share photos that I took in Washington DC while going downtown to see the Christmas decorations ( : I want to thank you all for the contribution you have made in my life as well as Barbara's and tell you how YOU inspire me! A few of the photos:

The tree at the Nations Capitol
At the House in Raleigh NC

Georgetown Mall in Washington DC

Also, thanks to all that contributed by buying products and service to support The Men's & Women's Inquiry. Your effort was greatly appreciated!

Be well!
Martin Brossman and the Inquiry Team!
From the Women's Inquiry Blog: