Monday, May 28, 2007

New discussion group for Single Mother's Raising Son's

Update on The Women's Inquiry and related stuff

A new Yahoo group has been created for Single Mother's Raising Sons:

Single Moms Raising Sons was created in response to all the Single Mother raising Son's that contacted our web site. I have lead the Men's Inquiry for over 10 years and have gained 100's of calls from Single Mother's looking for support. I see a need for this and created both the blog and this group to do this.I do this out of my commitment to relationships and society, for when Son's don't get enough support they tend to act 'out' more, not only causing problems in their own lives but society. This is a complement to the blog on the same topic. It's goal is providing support for single mothers raising sons and the to support women in writing a book on this topic. My vision is that I will support some (or several) women in writing a book about collecting the wisdom of mothers in addressing this issue. I am looking for several co-moderators as well. Your help is appreciated!

Join us,

Martin Brossman -

Founder of The Men's & Women's Inquiry

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rosemary Martin will be working to create the 1st Singles Inquiry!

Rosemary Martin will be working to create the 1st Singles Inquiry in L.A., CA! More to come soon!

Martin presents at Women on The Move 5-24-2007

Women on The Move Breakfast Thursday, May 24th, 2007 8:00-9:00 AM Featuring Martin Brossman - Talk called: What's New about Men That Women Want to know. Free for Cardinal Club members, $10.00 ++ for guest, reservations are required call 834-8829 and ask to make a reservation for the Women on The Move Breakfast this Thursday. Also, Would you like a chance to get beyond business card exchanges and build solid relationships with women who face the same challenges as you? Bring Information with you about your line of work and share it through our Resource table. Reservations, Please. Our gatherings are premier networking events!
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The first Live Recording of The Women's Inquiry

The first Live Recording of The Women's Inquiry occured May 15th 2007 and the CD will be out soon. To get a copy e-mail Martin Brossman @