Sunday, December 31, 2006

What did you learn in 2006 what are you committed to creating in 2007?

What did you learn in 2006 what are you committed to creating in 2007?
What have you gained out of The Women's Inquiry or any value you received directly or indirectly?
What are you going to take on in 2007?
How could you let people support you in your 2007 goals?

Either post a reply to this note or email me with the subject line 'Add to Women's Inquiry Blog' . If you have a web site related to your goals post it! Also, I just want to share photos that I took in Washington DC while going downtown to see the Christmas decorations ( : I want to thank you all for the contribution you have made in my life as well as Barbara's and tell you how YOU inspire me! A few of the photos:

The tree at the Nations Capitol
At the House in Raleigh NC

Georgetown Mall in Washington DC

Also, thanks to all that contributed by buying products and service to support The Men's & Women's Inquiry. Your effort was greatly appreciated!

Be well!
Martin Brossman and the Inquiry Team!
From the Women's Inquiry Blog:

Sunday, August 20, 2006


For Immediate Release

Amy Sky 919-468-3014
Barbara Carr 919-845-4385
Martin Brossman (919) 847-4757


July 14, 2006 Raleigh, N.C. - The Women’s Inquiry announced today that Janet Bauer, nationally known speaker and trainer, has joined their organization. Bauer will assist in facilitating groups and work with Directors Barbara Carr and Amy Sky.
Bauer is a communications professional with over 20 years experience, sharing her talents with international and national CEOs, senior executives and managers. Her client list includes more than 50 corporations and non-profit organizations. As owner of the Bauer Group, she has trained and facilitated sessions for thousands of adults, teens and children. Her specialty for the past six years has been training for women’s groups, as well as teaching her popular “Natural Speaker In You” sessions and her “What’s Great About You” classes for at-risk teens.
The Women’s Inquiry, headquartered in Raleigh, is a volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of professional women by exploring questions and answers that add to their effectiveness, productivity, fulfillment. Now in its fifth year, the Women’s Inquiry is expanding operations to other regions of the country and accepting new members in the Triangle area. The Men’s Inquiry, a similar organization for professional men, is headed by founder Martin Brossman who created and developed the inquiry concept.
For more information or to join, contact Barbara Carr 919-845-4385 or visit .

Janet Bauer's web site


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Update on The Women's Inquiry

For new participants, the Women's Inquiry started as an on-line discussion group in July 2001 and that year evolved into an in-person meeting as well. We have had wonderful success and enough mistakes to learn a lot from as well. For those of you who previously participated and those who have not attended any recent meetings, we warmly invite you to come back and be a part of our evolving Inquiry format.

I’m happy to announce that Janet Bauer joined the Women's Inquiry team of facilitators. Barbara Carr Brossman, Amy L. Sky and Janet met Friday night to look at how we are doing and what's next. It was an exciting meeting since we plan to make this easy to duplicate anywhere in the country as a community service in the coming year. That is why it is critical that I hear from you-- what you have gained from the meeting, what value it has had, what suggestions you have to improve it, and any other comments you may have. This is a work in progress and it needs you to make it the best creation it can be! Imagine women around the county being able to authentically connect and share their lives with each other to enhance their relationships, confidence, effectiveness and success in business. I see this also as a complement to the Men's Inquiry and we will be scheduling future Men's and Women's Inquires as well. Please reply to this note or forward your comments (all comments will be used only with the Inquiry team to help all of us and your name will be removed)

Speaking of the Men's and Women's Inquiry, we are working on creating that and are seeking a free or close-to-free space to have it. Topics for that are welcome; one possible example is "What we really want in life, in relationships, with each other?" With my book coming out, I will need a lot of support to make our joint meeting happen. Updates on the book and CD can be found on the blog for the Men's Inquiry : If you read down the post you will see the write-up on how I was on a talk show July 4th discussing the Men’s and Women’s Inquiry. A CD of the radio interview is available to borrow at the house.

The CD of the Men's Inquiry is available and designed to be a fund raiser for the Men's & Women's Inquiry:
I will also start having copies at the house & their are several at Dancing Moon to buy as well ( $12.95).

If you miss the meeting or want to continue the discussion, we have created an on-line Women's Inquiry (which Evelyn Seabold assists with):
The Women's Inquiry Blog: And the Single Mothers (Single Parent) Raising Sons: What works & what does not work:

Last I need to share that Barbara is offering free 1/2 hr sessions at Harmony Farms for the next three Saturdays in July. You need to sign up in advance for that so call her at (919) 845-4385 or e-mail her at website: . Just a note for the women that give their time to help out with the inquiry I will include some announcement like this in future emails.

Be well,Martin BrossmanBusiness / Life Coach(919) 847-4757

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome to the Women's Inquiry Blog

This is about the progress of The Women's Inquiry and may include:

- Events by members that relate to the women's inquiry
- New resources for women in the community
- Progress related to both the in-person women's inquiry, The on-line Women's Inquiry, FWS on-line discussion group.

About the co-leaders of the in person Raleigh NC Women's Inquiry group
Barbara Carr Brossman ( )
Amy L. Sky ( )

I am honored to support this group.
Martin Brossman