Monday, September 24, 2007

Comments from women about The Women's Inquiry

Comments from women about The Women's Inquiry:

"The Women’s Inquiry provides a safe space in which to explore ideas and feelings on subjects that most matter in life. Having the opportunity to meet women for the express purpose of exploring questions that pertain to our perceptions, experiences and ideals has been a valuable way to spend an evening. It also helps to expand understanding and appreciation for other women’s life choices. "
Rosemary M.

“If you are looking to connect with other women on issues that affect us all, this is the place to be… the group is very welcoming, and I found it very very informative.”

“I have been attending the Women's Inquiry since its inception. Always a safe place to communicate, always a wonderful workout for my spirit. Martin and the other facilitators have created a space that nurtures me and both protects and challenges who I am.”
Evelyn Seabold

"The women's Inquiry has been like a sprinkling of fertilizer in the garden of my mind. It's only human nature to desire personal growth and to seek new knowledge and understanding. However, in our busy society, very few of us have the luxury of time to think, let alone enough time to read all the books we desire. The sharing of different concepts and viewpoints at Women's Inquiry sparks rapid growth and encourages my explorations into those deeper depths of thinking. It has also helped me to integrate/translate the things I know, into the things I do! You've got questions, we've got tea and ideas!"
Julie Fritz

The Women's Inquiry is a time for meaningful conversation with other women. It is a discussion that is of substance, and a chance to go into the most important aspects of our lives. It is a chance to connect with other women in a busy world where it seems that life becomes more superficial as it gets faster. The meeting may only be a few hours out of each month, but it gives value beyond the time we spend together.
Catherine M.

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